Dinosaur Teeth

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  • Mastodon Tooth
    Mastodon tooth - Mastodons were large elephant-like mammals that lived 33 million years ago until 10,000 years ago. Mastodon fossils have been found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. Although not closely related, mastodons were similar in appearance to mammoth species, however, mas..
  • Megalodon Shark Tooth WHITE
    Megalodon Tooth - The prehistoric megalodon shark was the largest predatory fish known to have ever existed. This specie's name, meaning "big tooth" is fitting with some teeth measuring over 7 inches in length. Beyond teeth, fossils of this species are rare but accepted estimates of it's massive siz..
  • T-rex Tooth  W/Base
    Tyrannosaurus rex. ..
  • Tyrannosaurus rex. Tooth with root
    Tyrannosaurus rex. Tooth with root. 8.in. Rooth 5.6in. top tooth is 3.in ..