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  • Paramylodon harlani. Harlan's Ground Sloth Skeleton
    Paramylodon harlani., Harlan's Ground Sloth. MOUNTED/CRATED Skeleton. Late Pleistocene Rancho La brea. Mesurement 7ft/2.1m 760.43in.w.PELVIS (same w/ribs) *Replica made from the original of LACMNH Page Museum. *Require a extra Freight charge for a wood crate. *Call in for more detail. ..
  • Paramylodon harlani. Harlan's Ground Sloth Unmounted Skeleton
    Harlan's Ground Sloth. UNMOUNTED CASTS ONLY. Late Pleistocene Rancho Labrea. 7ft/2.1m high, mounted. LACMNH Page Museum La Brea replica. Paramylodon is an extinct genus of ground sloth of the family Mylodontidae endemic to North America during the Pliocene through Pleistocene epochs, living fr..