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  • Colobus satanas., or Satanic black colobus, is a species of Old World monkey belonging to the genus Colobus. The species is found in a small area of western central Africa. *Skull Lenght 4.12 ..
  • Black Spider Monkey Skull
    Ateles paniscus., Black Spider Monkey Skull - There are six species of spider monkey found inhabiting the tropical forests from southern Mexico to Brazil. Spider monkeys get their name from their long, hairy appendages and prehensile tail that can resemble the shape of a spider while moving through ..
  • Celebes Macaque Monkey Male Skull
    Macaca nigra., The Celebes macaque is found only on the northeastern peninsula of Sulawesi. This large monkey is sometimes, although wrongly, called an ape due to its very small tail. The Celebes macaque is omnivorous and will eat a variety of plant parts as well as invertebrates and small vertebrat..
  • Colobus Monkey Male Skull
    Colobus angolensis., Colobus monkeys are native to central Africa. This species gets its name, due to their reduced thumb size, from the Greek word colobus, meaning mutilated. However, this "mutilation" allows the colobus to move more freely through the tree-tops than other African monkeys. Colobus ..
  • Callithrix jacchus ., Marmosets, like tamarins are small new world primates that inhabit the rainforest of Central and South America. Most marmosets are diurnal and arboreal. Their omnivorous diet consists of a variety of fruits, leaves, and insects. *Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Primat..
  • Gelada Baboon Male Skull
    Theropithecus gelada., - The gelada baboon is found only within the country of Ethiopia in Africa. This high altitude primate is more terrestrial than most other monkeys. The gelada eats a variety of grasses, roots and other plant parts. They will also occasionally eat invertebrates. Due to loss of ..