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  • Eulemur fulvus ., The Brown lemur is a diurnal, arboreal species, spending most of its time in the upper canopy layers and rarely descending. The diet of the Brown lemur consists mostly of fruits, flowers, and leaves. This and four other species were recently split from the genus Lemur to create the..
  • Malayan Flying Lemur Skull
    Galeopterus variegatus., The Malayan flying lemur, also called the Sunda flying lemur, is native to much of southeast Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Despite its name, the flying lemur is not a true lemur nor does it actually fly. Instead, this gliding mammal belongs to a..
  • Ring-Tailed Lemur Skull
    Lemur catta., The ring-tailed lemur is native only to southern Madagascar. This diurnal species eats mostly fruits, leaves and occasionally insects. The ring-tailed lemur lives in groups numbering from 5 to 25 individuals with little or no established hierarchy. In recent years, ring-tailed lemur po..
  • Ruffed Lemur Skull
    Varecia variegate., The Ruffed Lemur is the largest species of lemur. Like most lemurs, it is crepuscular, being most active in the morning and evening. The Ruffed Lemur lives an arboreal life eating mostly fruits and occasional insects. *Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Primates FAMILY: Le..