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  • Greater Slow Loris Male Skull
    Nycticebus coucang., The two species of slow loris, Nycticebus pygmaeus and Nycticebus coucang , are both native to southeast Asia. This nocturnal primate lives an arboreal life high above the forest floor. Slow loris are omnivores and will eat snails, insects, small vertebrates and fruits. The slow..
  • Perodicticus potto., This species is native to the tropical forests of central and western Africa. The potto is a small prosimian that feeds on fruit and insects, which they locate by smell. They are primarily solitary and nocturnal sleeping in leaf nest during the day. *Specifications: CLASS: Ma..
  • Pygmy slow loris Skull
    Nycticebus pygmaeus., The pygmy slow loris is nocturnal and arboreal, and is most commonly found in semi-evergreen, secondary,and mixed deciduous forests. It is distributed east of the Mekong River in Vietnam, eastern Cambodia, Laos, and Yunnan province in southern China. *Specifications:Class: M..