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  • African Civet Male Skull
    Civettictis civetta.,The African civet inhabits the savannahs and the forests of southern and central Africa. The African civet is omnivorous, consuming fruit, carrion, rodents, insects, eggs, reptiles, and birds. Civettictis civetta is predominately a nocturnal species, but is sometimes active in t..
  • Gray Wolf Skull
    Canis lupus., also known as the timber Wolf. They hunt prey on their own, steal the prey of other predators, or scavenge carrion. Prey is located by chance or scent. Animals included in the diet of gray wolves varies geographically and depends on prey availability. Gray wolves are highly social..
  • Large Predator Footprint Plaque
    This predator footprint set includes life-size tracks from five common North American predators including; gray fox, coyote, gray wolf, bobcat and cougar. Cast from actual animal feet in durable polyurethane resin. This is an excellent piece for teaching tracking skills, nature signs, or mammalogy. ..
  • Wildcat Skull
    Felis silvestris  - There are three distinct subspecies of wildcat occurring in Europe (F. s. silvestris), Asia (F. s. notatus) and Africa (F. s. libyca). This small carnivore is the ancestor of the domestic house cat. Like house cats, wildcats feed on small vertebrates such as rodents and bird..