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  • African Civet Male Skull
    Civettictis civetta.,The African civet inhabits the savannahs and the forests of southern and central Africa. The African civet is omnivorous, consuming fruit, carrion, rodents, insects, eggs, reptiles, and birds. Civettictis civetta is predominately a nocturnal species, but is sometimes active in t..
  • Asian Palm Civet Female Skull
    Nandinia binotata.,The Asian palm civet ranges in Southeast Asia from Kashmir and southern China to the Philippine and Sundas Islands. This small carnivore is a member of the Viverridae family. The Asian palm civet inhabits tropical rainforests where it forages for food at night. This species is kno..
  • Binturong Skull
    Arctictis binturong.,The Binturong is found in dense forests ranging across northeastern India, Indochina, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra, Bangka, the Rhio Archipelago, Java, Borneo, and Palawan. Binturong are slow moving arboreal animals that live alone or in small groups of adults. ..