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  • African Elephant Skull
    Loxodonta Africana., The African Elephant is, as its name suggests, native to Africa. Elephants are the largest land mammals reaching a height of 400cm (13 feet) and a weight up to 7500kg (16,500 lbs.). Elephants are characterized by their long tusks, fan-like ears, and massive muscular trunk. Eleph..
  • Loxodonta africana. 7in. ..
  • Asian Elephant Tooth
    Elephas maximus, The Asian elephant, sometimes named by one of its subspecies; the Indian Elephant, is one of the three living species of elephant. The Asian elephant is the largest living land animal in Asia reaching heights of 4 meters (12 feet) and a weight up to 5000kg (11,000 lbs.). Elephants a..