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  • American Pronghorn Front foot
    Antilocarpa americana., * Size 12.08in.1.3in. ..
  • American Pronghorn Hind foot
    Antilocarpa americana., * Size 15.1in.1.3in ..
  • American Pronghorn Skull
    Antilocarpra americana.,The Pronghorn is sometimes considered a living fossil. It shows many primitive traits. Perhaps the most obvious primitive attribute is in that pronghorns shed their horns yearly just like a deer. It is the only living horned animal that does this. Other Names: "Prong Buck", "..
  • Synthetoceras Skull No mandible.
    Synthetoceras Skull. Synthetoceras tricornatus. With horns. No Mandible. Early Miocene to Late Pliocene. Polyurethane cast of an original University of California Berkeley fossil specimen. * Size: 23.5 inch (59.7cm) *Synthetoceras tricornatus is a large, extinct protocertid artiodactyl, end..