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  • East African Mole Rat Skull
    Tachyoryctes sp., The sub-family Tachyoryctinae consists of 13 species of east African mole rats. Eastern mole rats are solitary, fossorial rodents that dwell in elaborate underground tunnels. Habitat for these mole rats include grasslands, woodlands, savannah and agricultural areas. Tachyoryctine m..
  • Gambian pouched rat Skull
    Cricetomys gambianus., giant pouched rat. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, these large rats range from 36-46 cm (14-18 in). Named for their large cheek pouches, this nocturnal species is omnivorous, feeding on vegetation and invertebrates. *Skull Length: 7.7 cm (3.0 in) ..
  • Aplodontia rufa.,Mountain beavers, not a true beaver, are heavy bodied rodents with short limbs. They are considered the most primitive living rodent. The skull reflects these primitive traits in that it is flattened over all and the auditory bullae, or ear bones, are flask shaped. This unusual skul..
  • Lagidium peruanum., Native to the Andes Mountains of South America, the mountain viscacha is a medium sized rodent that externally resembles a rabbit or hare. This species is herbivorous, often inhabiting areas near water where the vegetation is succulent. The mountain viscacha makes its burrow in r..
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  • Ondatra zibethicus.,The muskrat, like its larger relative the beaver, is an aquatic rodent. The muskrat is an herbivore and will chew on small saplings for food as well as eating a variety of other plants. Muskrats were once heavily trapped for their fur. Decline in demand has allowed this species t..