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  • Australian Water Rat Skull
    Hydromys chrysogaster., commonly known as rakali, rabe or water-rat, is an Australian native rodent. It is the only member of the genus Hydromys with a range extending beyond Papua New Guinea and Indonesian West Papua. The species lives in burrows on the banks of rivers, lakes and estuaries and feed..
  • East African Mole Rat Skull
    Tachyoryctes sp., The sub-family Tachyoryctinae consists of 13 species of east African mole rats. Eastern mole rats are solitary, fossorial rodents that dwell in elaborate underground tunnels. Habitat for these mole rats include grasslands, woodlands, savannah and agricultural areas. Tachyoryctine m..
  • Gambian pouched rat Skull
    Cricetomys gambianus., giant pouched rat. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, these large rats range from 36-46 cm (14-18 in). Named for their large cheek pouches, this nocturnal species is omnivorous, feeding on vegetation and invertebrates. *Skull Length: 7.7 cm (3.0 in) ..
  • Greater Cane Rat Skull
    Thryonomys swinderianus., The cane rats, also called grass cutters, is a large rodent species native throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Considered a pest in many areas due to the damage they can inflict on crops, the cane rat is also eaten by many locals. It is for this reason that farming of the cane r..
  • Maned Crested Rat Skull
    Lophiomys imhausi., Skull Size64mm/2.5in. ..
  • Phloeomys pallidus., The slender-tailed, or giant cloud rat, is native to several Philippine Islands. Little is know about the habits of this arboreal, nocturnal species. Cloud rats are thought to feed on fruits, seeds, nuts and leaves. Other Names: "Giant Cloud Rat" *Specifications: CLASS: Mamma..